How to Get Started

Steps for creating a Successful Clinic

Nothing is possible without having available funds.  Therefore, we recommend selecting an experienced lender as your starting point. 

Step 2: Select a Real Estate Agent

Real estate, like most professions, is made-up of specialties.  As a medical professional, it's important you align with an experienced real estate agent, who's completed a number of transactions in your field.  

Step 3: Choose Your Contractor

Selecting an experienced contractor is a must for a dental clinic to be built out, efficiently and cost effectively.  The contractor you select should have a portfolio of completed transactions, with a list of past doctors, who've utilized their services.

Step 4: Get an Accountant

The choice of an accountant is an important step in the creation of a successful clinic.  A good accountant can assist with the financial analysis for your clinic, as well as establishing the proper and best organizational structure for tax purposes.

Step 5: Have an Attorney

The best attorney's are the ones who are thorough, deal-makers and time efficient.  Reviewing a lease or purchase and sales agreement is an important part of every real estate transaction.  A good attorney is a valuable and necessary part of each transaction.

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